Teacher Education Goes Global
Janice Kroeger Course
Course Name: Home, School, Community Partnerships in Diverse Contexts
Syllabus: View Syllabus
Reflection: This is a TAG course (in the state of Ohio) and also has been adapted to incorporate understandings of how globalization has changed the nature of family demographics and school climate. In particular, foundational terminologies of multiculturalism, inter-cultural understanding, globalization and immigration. Highlighted segments on the syllabus denote components of the course which have been updated by the Global Learning Scholars project.
Janice, I appreciate the careful alignment between your course objectives and activities/assignments throughout the syllabus. I like the way you begin the course with activities to help them understand their own cultural identity first. Also, superb course objectives and purpose to promote global awareness and understanding! Ruth Oswald

thanks Ruth, since you viewed this the first time, i've done quite a bit of cleaning up to make it more usable. Initially i had quite a lot of trouble with the website.