Teacher Education Goes Global
Ruth Oswald Course
Course Name: Children's Literature in the Curriculum
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Reflection: I discovered that it was very important for me to lay the foundation for "global mindedness" early in the semester through readings and discussion and then to continue these discussions as they participated in activities and the development of their multi-genre project and webquest. I also plan to revise the guidelines and rubric for the module to require students to return to Banks' levels of multicultural education from their initial readings and determine which level they have achieved with their multi-genre project and webquest.
RO: thanks for doing this work. I hope to read the paper that you presented at ALER this year and catch up with your thinking about what the students taught you on this journey. Hopefully, I will be able to use your ideas or approach to "global mindedness" in my course development soon.

RO: This is a a good model of a rubric. Smile. It must have made students feel secure when they had to present their final work for review. Thanks for the sample. It would be great to have you teach the global scholars how to do this work in their own classroom now that you have figured out all the “kinks” and are ready to do the module in another semester. JKD Dec 3. 2012