Teacher Education Goes Global
Nidaa Makki Course
Course Name: Instructional Techniques-AYA Science
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Reflection: The issue of climate change was a very good example to use to incorporate global learning outcomes in a science methods course. Students typically learn about incorporating socio-scientific issues in my classroom and there are plenty of issues to choose from that incorporate an international perspective from environmental problems, to energy to global climate change. I wanted my students to also think about the interdisciplinary connections that these issues lend themselves to, so I collaborated with Brad Maguth, the social studies methods professor, to bring the two groups of teacher candidates together on a common project. While students exhibited a good awareness of global perspectives during classroom discussion around the topic of climate change, the products of students collaborations on the web quest varied in terms of global awareness. Some web quests were excellent in incorporating global perspectives and others focused more on the issue from a local perspective. Focus group interviews and survey data indicate that students in the two methods courses had positive attitudes towards incorporating global issues in their classrooms. Their attitudes towards collaborating with teachers from other disciplines were also positive.
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