Teacher Education Goes Global
Brad Maguth Course
Course Name: Instructional Techniques in Secondary Social Studies Education
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Reflection: This social studies methods course was adapted to include global learning outcomes presented by the Global Learning Scholars. The specific learning outcome for this course included Social Studies Teacher Candidates developing a standards based lesson plan that provides students with the opportunity to draw from best practices in global education, and to learn about global cultures and issues inherent for global citizenship. This learning outcome was assessed in the course when teacher candidates were asked to create an interdisciplinary webquest (in science and social studies) on a global issue.

Dr. Brad Maguth (a Secondary Social Studies Methods Instructor) and Dr. Nidaa Makki (a Secondary Science Methods Instructor) collaborate on this project to pair their teaching candidates together to design an interdisciplinary webquest on a global issue. Candidates were asked to draw from best practices in global education in the design of their webquest. These interdisciplinary webquest are included the presented module, and all webquest contain a title, an abstract, and the published web address.

Upon reflecting on this module, it was clear that this project was a good first step to embed global learning outcomes in my social studies methods course. Outside of thinking about ways in which teachers can have students think about globalization and issues that connect citizens across space, it was affective in fostering interdisciplinary collaborations. However, both instructors (Dr. Makki and Dr. Maguth) agreed that we must do a better job of preparing teacher candidates to integrate a global perspective in their webquests.
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