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Debra Clark Module
Course Name: Cultural Foundations of Education
Module Title: My Cultural Identity
Module Description: This learning module is a discussion tool to assist students in gaining an understanding and visual image of their own cultural identity. Before understanding one's own culture in a global context it is important to first recognize oneself as a diverse human being.
Global Learning Outcomes Addressed: Knowledge: Demonstrates knowledge of other cultures (beliefs, values, perspectives, practices, and products).||Skill: Uses knowledge, diverse culture frames of reference, and alternative perspectives to think critically and solve problems
Time Required: In my class, students will engage this module four times. The first day of class and every three weeks following. Each engagement (outside of class) should take approximately 30 minutes
Resources: Cushner, K., McClelland, A., Safford, P., (2011). Human Diversity in Education: An Intercultural Approach. New York: McGraw Hill.

Clark, D. L. (2012). Bias Beneath the Facts: Education in a Democratic Society. San Diego: Cognella.
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Debra,I see a chapter of an Action Research book, but not your module? Ruth Oswald

Sorry, but this module works best with Google Chrome

Debra, i am in the process of getting googlecrom onto my Mac. what i like about this is the tenacity it took to design and create an interactive tool for the students. Additionally i appreciate the Kushner and McClelland model transformed into a fluid, changing model. i believe a couple of "examples" as screen capture images might help those who do not have the capacity to upload and install and use chrome effectively. I am certain the work is very important to the transformations of student's identities as they enter the profession.

Cutting and pasting dlclark7.kent.edu into your browser may also be advantageous, if clicking on the link is problematic