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Ruth Oswald Module
Course Name: Children's Literature in the Curriculum
Module Title: Internationalizing the Curriculum through Multicultural Literature
Module Description: This module is divided into 3 parts. In part 1, the students engage in reading, reflecting, and online discussions about key concepts. In Part 2, the students determine the theme of their multi-genre project and develop a text set and response activities to support theme. In Part 3 of the module, the students develop a webquest based on their theme and present their project to their peers.
Global Learning Outcomes Addressed: Skill: Interprets issues & situations from more than one culture.
Time Required: This project spans the entire semester. Students complete Part 1 of the module during week 2; Part 2 during week 7; and Part 3 during week 15 of the semester.
Resources: Readings from:
Smolen, L. & Oswald, R. (Eds.) (2011). Multicultural literature and response: Affirming diverse voices. Santa Barbara, CA: Libraries Unlimited.

Wide selection of multicultural, children's literature (see Part 2 of Module)
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I completely agree! Well done! Seems like a very interesting module and a good learning experience for students. JLF

I really like the expansiveness of this module. It requires mastery of different competencies, and gives students multiple opportunities to excel. The fact the module is semester-long ensures that students work consistently and constantly. Good job!

Dear Ruth, as i was reading through this module i appreciated its online delivery mode as well as the extensive use/list of global multi-genre resources given. I wonder if you'd be willing to loan/share your list and where you got them from? these would be a good addition to my growing collection of children's literature. thank you!

Ruth, I like how you structured your module and that you provided them with resources to select from. The details in your module are very helpful.