Teacher Education Goes Global
Nidaa Makki Module
Course Name: Instructional Techniques-AYA Science
Module Title: Global socioscientific issues
Module Description: In this module, teacher candidates in science and social studies collaborate to create a web quest on a socio-scientific issue that is global. Teacher candidates in both methods courses were engaged in the study of global warming from both the perspectives of science and social science. Emphasis was placed on understanding the global dimensions of climate change, but also how it impacts different regions in the world differently. After experiencing a global socio-scientific issue as students, they were asked to design a similar experience on a different issue.
Global Learning Outcomes Addressed: Skill: Uses knowledge, diverse culture frames of reference, and alternative perspectives to think critically and solve problems
Time Required: one to two weeks
Resources: The link to the web quest designed by Maguth and Makki is here (the file above has same content of the web quest but you will not be able to navigate between pages):


Other resources:
Science across the world: http://www.ase.org.uk/resources/science-across-the-world/
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The is cool module. You and Brad did a good job.

I like how this intersects with social education: both the interdisciplinary nature and the attention to science, technology, and society.