Teacher Education Goes Global
Al Daviso Module
Course Name: Special Education
Module Title: GLS Prezi
Module Description: The new project will focus on exploring special education policies, interventions and services in a country of their choice. They will then use technology to present their findings to the class using Prezi.
Global Learning Outcomes Addressed:
Time Required: 10 minutes class time to introduce 15 minutes Prezi Introduction 3-4 hours outside class to collaborate 10 minutes for class presentation for each group
Resources: Prezi.com
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Al, I like the idea of using Prezi's instead of PPT. What are the differences between the two mediums? How did the students like developing their Prezi's? Do you have any examples of students' final projects for us to look at?

Jen Fisette

Al-- What a great way to foster two very important 21st Century Skills in your classroom (Integration of Technology and a Global Perspective). This seems like a wonderful tool for visual learners, and a great way to add multimedia and animation to a presentation. Moreover, I really find great value in having your students investigate national and provincial policies related to special education. In far too many countries, including our own, the needs of students with special needs fail to be met. Iím even thinking about ways in which pre-service special education candidates could be paired-up across countries to investigate national policies towards the teaching of students with special needs (maybe via a site like epals or iearn.org)? Cheers, Brad