Teacher Education Goes Global
Ray Witte Module
Course Name: Educational Psychology
Module Title: International Assessment Reflection
Module Description: This activity requires each student to generate a three page reflection paper on the role and focus of assessment from a local, national, and international perspective. Students view several videos from international teachers (United States, China & Australia at this time) in order to better understand how assessment is viewed and implemented in international classrooms. A compare/contrast approach is taken with this information along with assessment information from local and national teachers.
Global Learning Outcomes Addressed: Skill: Interprets issues & situations from more than one culture.
Time Required: One class period is used to view and review the teacher videos. Time outside of class is used in the completion of the project. A two week span separates the videos from when the assignment is due (check syllabus).
Resources: The videos will be located on the Classroom Assessment Resource Center (CARC) at http://assess.raywitte.com under the instructional videos section on the site.
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