Teacher Education Goes Global
Lena Lee Module
Course Name: Elementary Social Studies
Module Title: Globalization, Diversity and Economics
Module Description: This module has 3 different, but related lesson ideas for elementary teacher educators of social studies : 1. diversity in American society, 2. economic concepts (wants & needs), and 3. global perspectives of poverty. One of the objectives is to help students to understand diversity issues of American society, be aware of socio-economic issues in the world, and think about how to teach elementary students for becoming critical, reflective citizens of American society as well as global community.
Global Learning Outcomes Addressed: Skill: Uses knowledge, diverse culture frames of reference, and alternative perspectives to think critically and solve problems
Time Required: This can be applied through the semester.
Resources: http://www.uis.unesco.org/Education/Documents/ged-2011-en.pdf
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