Teacher Education Goes Global
Darrel Davis Module
Course Name: Human Development and Learning in Social and Educational Contexts
Module Title: Learning and Development in the Global Context
Module Description: Students will: 1. Choose a content area of interest that we have covered in class. 2. Choose a location-specific or a general cultural/global issue. 3. Request approval for your chosen content area and location. 4. Select a scholarly article that either focuses on or relates to your content area and location. 5. Create a quiz based on the scholarly article. 6. Select a contemporary exemplar that showcases the content area and the location. 7. Write a reflection paper focusing on the article and the contemporary exemplar.
Global Learning Outcomes Addressed: Knowledge: Understands his/her culture in global and comparative context (recognizes that his/her culture is one of many diverse cultures & that alternative perceptions & behaviors may be based in cultural differences)||Knowledge: Demonstrates knowledge of other cultures (beliefs, values, perspectives, practices, and products).||Skill: Interprets issues & situations from more than one culture.
Time Required: 3-4 Weeks
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Darrel. Well organized module. I like that it combines multiple tasks that incorporate assessment, research and reflection (Al)

Darrel, I work with my student on developing active reading skills. With your module you have taken what I do in my class with the textbook and online sources to a higher level. I particularly like the idea of having them create quizzes. I am going to borrow this idea from you. Thank you, deb clark

I love the idea of having students research literature on topics of interest and creating quizzes about them. It is a good exercise, as as teachers they will be required to write their own! Your final reflection, that students do tend to be judgmental, seems to me of most interest, as by debriefing them one can see how biased English-written literature is, and how much of our own prejudices we input in reading and writing about them. It is a powerful module.

Hi Darrel, I liked your ideas of letting your students have several options and choices of assignments. In addition, I am interested in your rubric and its uses (how your students respond to that if you used a similar one before). Thank you for sharing.