Teacher Education Goes Global
Chia-Ling Kuo Module
Course Name: Instructional Technology
Module Title: Global Learning Project in Educational Technology (https://sites.google.com/site/ksuglobalproject/)
Module Description: Using technology, preservice teachers build connections with educators and students around the world to gain firsthand knowledge and valuable experience.
Global Learning Outcomes Addressed: Knowledge: Demonstrates knowledge of other cultures (beliefs, values, perspectives, practices, and products).
Time Required: 8 weeks
Resources: Peters, L. (2009). Global education: Using technology to bring the world to your students.
Wikispace (http://www.wikispaces.com/)
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I wish more student could afford to study abroad, however, you have made it possible for all of your students to connect to teachers and students from other nation electronically. You module is simply wonderful and a great opportunity for all student who take your ITECH course. It shows to power and value of using technology in teaching at the same time that it connects your students with others around the world.

Chia-Ling, I like how you structured the assignment for your students so they have ideas how to start and what questions to ask. It seems that the existing relationship between KSU and the global educators was beneficial in initiating contact. Do you have suggestions as how to do a similar project when you don't have an existing collaboration with global educators? I am familiar with the projects on epals but was wondering how successful it would be to start a collaboration without an initial relationship.

Hi Chia-Ling, thanks for sharing yours. I had a study about Wikis and used in my class before as well. I would like to know more about your ways of asking students' questions and responses because I found it very good.

As a non-digital native, I am both apprehensive and appreciative of how modern computer technology has re-shaped our learning and teaching. I found that Chai-Ling’s module to be helpful in facilitating pre-service teachers’ building global connections with likeminded teachers around the world. At the same time, I have been mindful of Marshall McLuhan’s warning that “the medium is the message.” As motivation and self-regulated learning play key roles in facilitating successful online education, I believe that this module can help pre-service teachers open doors to the global village. It also provides pre-service teachers with concrete ideas for creating a collaborative and mutually supportive learning community for both teachers and students. Nevertheless, a disembodied “online” communication may have its limitations. Thus, I think that student-exchange or teacher-exchange programs might be helpful to complement the module.--Huey-li Li