Teacher Education Goes Global
Brad Maguth Module
Course Name: 5300 420 02
Module Title: Webquests in Science and Social Studies to Foster a Global Perspective
Module Description: This module includes a interdisciplinary web-quests (in science and social studies), geared for the grades 7-12 classroom, that explore a global issue. Teacher candidates enrolled in secondary science and social studies methods courses worked together to construct these instructional tools. Outside of listing the title of each webquest, each listing includes key words, an abstract, and a rating. Web-quests are rated from 5 (strong) to 1 (weak) on their meaningfully integrating a global perspective.
Global Learning Outcomes Addressed: Knowledge: Understands his/her culture in global and comparative context (recognizes that his/her culture is one of many diverse cultures & that alternative perceptions & behaviors may be based in cultural differences)||Knowledge: Demonstrates knowledge of other cultures (beliefs, values, perspectives, practices, and products).||Skill: Adapts his/her behavior to interact effectively with those who are different.||Skill: Uses knowledge, diverse culture frames of reference, and alternative perspectives to think critically and solve problems
Time Required: Varries depending upon the selected webquest.
Resources: Most teacher candidates employed Zunal.com in order to host their webquests.
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Good module, Brad! After viewing your module, I am thinking to revise the webquest in my course and to incorporate the global issues. One thing that I would add to the module is to have students create an effect map for showing the impacts of the global issue of their choice. (Chia-Ling Kuo)

Brad, what are your requirements for this webquest assignment? What are the grading criteria? Are students going to international sites or are they restricted to English-only sites? Webquests are wonderful tools, and I would love to have this kind of information in order to be able to include them into my teaching.

Hi Brad, it was very interesting since your module had many different countries and cultures in depth! I am developing a similar course as well so I should talk to you more about this. Thanks for sharing.